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Why should I abstain from any sexual activity for 3-7 days before the test?

After ejaculation, sperm count in the epididymis needs to get back to normal and this takes about three days. If the abstinence time before the test exceeds 7 days, the matured sperm in the epididymis (where sperm is stored) begins to die (apoptosis) and this may also affect test results.


Why must I wait 15 minutes before the semen can be taken out form the semen collecting cup for test and why must the sample be used within 12 hours?

Fresh semen is viscous, and normal semen needs to be incubated for 30-60 minutes at 37 ̊C to liquefy completely. About 30% of male patients suffer from the symptoms of poor liquefaction to varying degrees, and the semen does not liquefy until the room temperature is up to 37 ̊C.Only in a liquid state can semen be used for testing as viscous semen will not completely immerse into the test membrane. The flakes at the bottom of the semen collecting cup help to liquefy the semen quickly within 15 minutes. If the storage time of sperm specimen is too long, it will not liquefy properly ant that will affect the results.


How long does it take for the semen and the reagent solution to immerse in the test membrane?

In general, the sperm and solutions should pass the membrane of the test within several seconds. If the sample and solutions do not immerse completely into the hole A after 5 minutes this means the semen has not liquefied properly, or the sperm density is too high. If this happens, the test should be repeated. The reasons of semen non-liquefaction may be that the enzyme in the semen collecting cup becomes invalid or the user does not use the sperm retrieval cup correctly.


Are the solutions used for this test safe?

The solutions are safe and non-toxic, but should only be used as specified.


Does abnormal result mean that the subject cannot father children?

Not necessarily. Sperm count is one of the important indicators reflecting male fertility, but other factors can also cause male infertility. In the case of abnormal result you should contact your doctor for further advice.


Does a normal result mean I can father children?

Not necessarily. Though a high sperm count is desirable and is likely to mean the subject can father children, there are other reasons why fertilization of the egg does not happen. If there are problems with your partner becoming pregnant, it is important you both see your doctor or medical professional.


What are the reasons that may result in wrong test results?

The subject does not abstain from sexual activity for 3 days or waits longer than 7 days, collection and storage of semen specimen are not-standard, the semen does not liquefy completely, the test has not been conducted as specified, the time of the operating steps or the sperm count is too high so that the seminal plasma cannot be completely absorbed by the membrane. These are the main reasons that can cause test failure or inaccurate diagnosis.


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Collect a semen sample to the container included in the package. Shake the container well and wait until the sample is fully liquefied.

Place the ejaculate on the test plate. Add all the required fluids and after a few minutes read the results. There is no easier way to perform a sperm count test. Order your test today!

Order the test directly from our website
Fast delivery (send in 24h) in an unmarked, anonymous package.
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The simplest fertility test for men.

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In 50% of cases, the problem of infertility lies with the man.

The first step in pregnancy planning or searching for the cause of current infertility problems is a sperm count test. A visit at the clinic is often very embarrassing and expensive.

The offererd package contains 1 or 2 test kits

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