Payment and delivery options

Payment and delivery options

Poczta Polska delivery to any address

Germany10,99946about 3 days
Czech Republic10,99946about 4 days
Slovakia10,99946about 3 days
Belgium11,999,9950about 4 days
Netherlands11,999,9950about 4 days
Great Britain13,4911,4957about 4 days
Denmark13,4911,4957about 5 days
Austria13,4911,4957about 5 days
Italy15,9913,4967about 6 days
Portugal15,9913,4967about 6 days
Spain15,9913,4967about 6 days
France15,9913,4967about 5 days
Sweden17,9915,4978about 5 days
Finland17,9915,4978about 5 days
Irland17,9915,4978about 5 days


Other options for delivery to Poland only

Poczta Polska (pre-payment) 3,202,8013,50about 2-3 business days
Poczta Polska (cash-on-delivery)4,003,4016,50about 2-3 business days
Paczkomat InPost - parcel machine (pre-payment) 3,503,0015,00about 1-3 business days
Paczkomat InPost - parcel machine (cash-on-delivery) 4,203,5017,00about 1-3 business days
InPost courier (pre-payment) 3,803,3016,00about 1-3 business days
InPost courier (cash-on-delivery) 4,804,1020,00about 1-3 business days


We kindly inform you that in accordance with the regulation of the Parliament and the Council EU 2018/302 of February 28, 2018, we offer our products to all citizens of the European Union. In case of If you want to choose a different location, please contact us via mail.

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